As a researcher,  I understands that I hold the duality of interest as an employee of the IMOF and as a doctoral candidate undertaking research in the IMOF. However, irrespective of that duality of interest, the researcher will not be swayed from conducting research in ethical ways according to the University of Canberra Committee for Human Ethics requirements.

 Merriam et al. (2001) conclude that an insider researcher can produce as valid research as an outsider understands and see the researched topic. In addition, according to Mercer (2007),  the extent to which a researcher is labelled as insider or an outsider is not dependent upon a single inherent characteristic like job status. In my case as an employee of Indonesian Ministry of Finance, my relationship with the researched topic is not static, but fluctuates, shifting back and forth based on the possibility, moment, location, interaction and topic of discussion. In order to minimize informant bias, interview reciprocity and strengthen ethical conduct (Mercer 2007), as an insider researchers, I will not to publicise only my own opinions about my research topic, nor influence interview by including my own stories.