Adi, find your own leadership, make it authentic. Base it on your own set of principles and values (Yatsen Li – 2010 at ALA Leadership Development Conference)

Leadership is tough, open up your mind get to know more Australians and its culture! (Ms. Quentin Bryce)

Leadership is about marshaling resources + networks effectively, channeling conflict in to creative change (Dr. T. Ahmed)

Adi, my heart felt words to you are to remember always who you are and to go into every situation knowing you will emerge at the other ride smarter, wiser and stronger. Pursue your passion. Best wishes and be bold (Claire C. Bean)

Passion and perseverance lead the leaders to the success (Yan Zhang)

Inspire people (Naomi Shanin)

Make things work (Henry)

Integrity, intelligence, initiative – the 3 essentials! (Tsen Graham)

Leadership sparkles from within. I find that my successes and failures depend on how effective I motivate others, how much I learn from others and how well I work with others (Risa Bhinekawati)