Let us start discussing about what is the precious ‘value’ of a human. A man/woman has his/her own intrinsic or extrinsic value that differentiates between one and another.

It is something that able to make one sits together and works collaboratively with others whose same value to realize ‘it’ in life. Human’s ‘value’ is more than just a skin color, and even more precious than types of the one’s hair or other physical attributes.

Furthermore, it is also not only in forms of people’s wealth in physical term or religion in spiritual context. But, It is about what makes people’s life valuable. It is about something that can be capitalized and utilized in life today or even in the future. You may easily communicate or synergize with others who have similar value.

Human value is derived from his/her own mission in life. What purpose that you need to achieve as very personal goal in life. It surrounds the vision and mission of your life and creates a strong base for developing your character. Values shape individual actions; actions form habit and habit signifies one’s character. In short, personal character will become the “clear” picture of one’s value today.

Do you believe that your character will determine your future value?

In other words, do you believe that you can predict your worth in the future by capitalizing your ‘value’ today and develop strong personal character? If so, start with your value, determine what will become your ultimate value in life, and make it alive in your activities and let it shapes your destiny. 

(Adi Budiarso, 7:11am 23/2/2011)