This was my Speech as an HDR Research Student Representative at the Faculty Business Government and Law, at the end of semester pizza night in building 22B19, at 5.30pm on Thursday 12th May, 2011.

This was also addressed to appreciate our guest speaker: Ms. Tu Pham, the first woman as an Auditor General in Australia who presented about how she has used her experience as a graduate student in her working life.

On behalf of research students of the faculty of business and government the University of Canberra, I would like to express our great appreciation and thankfulness to Prof. Deborah Blackman, Prof. Ann Daly, Ms. Sue Uzabeaga for organizing this pizza social night. I am sure that this event has been improving our social relationship and I would say UC Network, especially knowing that some of us will leave our “hot campus” to enter the real world with abundant opportunities on hand.  I mentioned “hot campus” not because for those of you who reside in the demountable during summer had suffered hot temperature..but because we are belong to the campus where we can found “hot knowledge” here!

Look, the beauty of becoming research student is that we can think and observe many things above the satellite of “ism” or “paradigms” that existed in the academic and in the real world. We can have the luxury to contrast paradigms among leaders, politicians, practitioners, professionals and bureaucrats while we are studying here without fear and threats from any regimes or factions.

Finally, Especially for Ms. Tu Pam, we would like to extend our great appreciation for excellent presentations. Your remarkable experiences emphasized the importance of your speech for all of us, and I believe this will keep boosting our energy as a researchers and practitioners in private and public sectors.

Thank you.

Adi Budiarso

HDR Research Representative, Faculty of Business, Government and Law

University of Canberra