This is a note dedicated to my beloved sister who celebrating her birthday this month.

Wiwied means the first son/daughter or top priority. It is the nick name of my oldest sister in the family. We are grateful to grow together in the hands of our discipline parents. Our late mom is a super and loving mum for us. She had a good career as well in supporting the big family economy. Our dad is a real man in all sense. He is our real integrity exemplar and he truly cares of all of us. He strongly confirmed, even though he came from non Christian background that the source of wisdom in the world is that at first you must have a reference to our living God, Jesus Christ.

Wiwied likes reading, listening to music and remembering capably so many English songs since she was in the high school. I was different, I loved to explore about anything and anywhere in our environment/surrounding, take manly risk and play with my friends.

Her objective since very young was that she wanted to become the first woman astronaut from our school PPSP (Proyek Perintis Sekolah Pembangunan, an innovative program from the Indonesian Ministry of Education minister Daud Joesoef, who gave us opportunity to accelerate our primary schooling from 6 years to only 5 years).  Actually I was amazed by the way she could have such a great dream. This was also triggered me to have a skyrocketing dream like that. “Yes, I want to become a “cowboy” as I shouted it to my little brother when we were discussing about it. I will be like bonanza (cowboys from the famous film in 1970s), or a man whose leather hat and jacket, pistols, a whip, horses and off course cows! Then my little brother teased me that “No, you are not becoming a cow boy! because you will only have “pedet” or calf not cows. Aha! You jealous with my dream my brother, because I have it first ha ha!…and we will end up by crying together for fighting about funny thing like this J.

Furthermore, as an awesome and natural carer, Wiwied grew and fully inherited our mom spirit as a strong, independent, innovative and lovingly woman. She has many friends and enjoy talking with them in hours. Until now, she has reached her another dream since High School i.e. to become a surgeon woman, a good wife of a Bataknese surgeon, Bang Richard and good mum for their super kids Theo and Dinda. This was her dream which consumed a lot of her integrity and commitment. She deserved it.

Reverend (late) The Koen Bik was our pastor who lived in celibacy even though for protestant Church this is not necesarry. He fully dedicated his commitment in life to God. We always amazed with his teaching to “always seek God first and then He will fulfill your heart desire” and not “fulfill your heart with your desire and seek God to work for you to satisfy your desire”. We learned from Him that God is the Lord who is truly fair for believers and unbelievers. He can satisfy all of the human desires and makes their life full of stuff. Without preserving our heart first to know GOD’s will, we can end up by filling our heart full of our desires about things but without the real joy, because often times human doesn’t know what they are really asking for. So this teaching started to make me realize that at the end of the day only God who really knows what we need for eternal life and salvation, so making sure that your heart filled with the desire to know Him more and preserve our heart to become the throne of His presence in our life is the most important starting point for human’s life until then you will get the life in its fullness meaning.

Wiwied understood this teaching even more as she is the one who taught me how to have a good prayer. I mentioned a good prayer for this prayer enable me to change my heart since then and make myself ready to preserve my heart to become the God’s throne and make difference starting from our family. She taught me by providing the real example of prayer that I have been always remembering it up until now, like this: “Dear father in heaven, please bless our father and mum, we are grateful to have them and we proud of them and as their kids; we also want to always make them proud of us. And as the biggest daughter please bless me also to be able to become the oldest sister who can make all of my little brother and sister proud of me with what I am doing. Also for my beloved brothers and sisters, please bless them so that they can become the one who can make his/her older/younger brothers and sisters become proud to have him/her.  Bless all of our effort Lord, in Jesus we pray Amen”.

Happy birthday mbak Wied! May our Lord bless you and enable you to always becoming source of inspiration for others.

Adi Budiarso

A bush guy with a leather hat from Canberra (March, 2012).