1. You will direct your life just to chase money. Sooner or later you become his servant. When money becomes your master, you willingly work day and night, think and act based on your objectives that you can translate easily in terms of dollars.

2. You shall measure all relationships as much as it could be beneficial most for you. But all of sudden, you will also easily forget to think how much should I give to others. All of your motive automatically become evil because you value the relationship in terms of money. You forget to consider how much love and forgiveness that you can grant to others. Furthermore, as a money’s servant, you will be busy counting how much money and estate that you can get from your parents, at most you will claim for a small  inequality. The little amount of properties and money dispute with your brother or sister will easily ignite anger in your heart and mind. Even you can quickly curse your brother or sister who does not agree with your behaviour and motives. Sooner or later, money becomes god as the ultimate measures for your behaviour and  your relationship with others.

3. You set money and wealth as the ultimate indicators for your success. You also make your family and other things in the world as the second or third priority in life. You do not care and do not want to think about how can you give to others, but you just think of how much more I could accept and receive.

4. The more you love the money, the more corrupt your character. You begin to love an instant way out for any problems. For example you may bribe here and there, loose your mind and disregard the Word of God . When you commit to always chase the money, it suddenly has wings and make your good character fly from you.

So, repent my dear friends! Your life is for the real master, Jesus Christ. He is the truth, the way and the life! Find him and make him as your truly master and then immediately you may transform your fate. For once you accept him as the master, the money (and all kind of blessings) is the one that will chase you, and not vice versa.