I am ready to make the Annual Meetings IMF-WBG 2018 great success. As part of the Indonesia Planning Team for the IMF-WBG Annual Meetings 2018, this task is new for most of us. For the first time, Indonesia will have a chance to prove its commitment to the international fora in making  Indonesia become better host government. Indonesia will challenge its potential and and capacity to host the biggest meetings ever in the history involving 189 countries and mobilizing more than 15.000 of participants and stakeholders to come to Bali. Indeed this is also important for not only Indonesia but also for the ASEAN and the region.

What are key strategies for making the AM 2018 successful? First, we committed to fulfill all requirements stated in the Annex Mannual endorsed by the IMF WBG Meeting Team Secretariat (MTS) and to design impactful Voyage to Indonesia Programs prior to the IMF-WBG Annual Meetings 2018.

Indonesia is a big country. When you travel from Jakarta to Tokyo, it takes 6.5 hours traveling time by plane. From Sabang to Merauke the most western city to the most eastern city of Indonesia, you need 8.5 hours traveling by plane. Indonesia is a really big with the 250 millions population, most of them are at their productive age and 17,000 islands and abundant natural resources.

From 189 countries who have committed to join the AM 2018 in Bali, We can predict how many people will come to Bali. By adding additional 30% of 15.000 registered participants of the AM2018 at Washington DC, Indonesia must be able to prepare its readiness to accommodate at least 19.500 people during 8-14 October 2018.

One year before the actual date of the AM Bali on 8-14 October 2018, Indonesia proclaimed its readiness to host the IMF WB Annual Meetings 2018 in the joint press conference held by the Indonesia Planning Team AM 2018: Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs Luhut B Panjaitan (Chairman of IPT), Minister Sri Mulyani (Vice Chairman I of IPT) and Governor of Indonesia Central Bank, Agus Martowardojo (Vice Chairman II of IPT).